All ‘essences’ in the CC Moore flavour range will dramatically increase the attraction profile of any bait item, delivering a distinctive aroma and powerful feed-stimulating taste to boilie, hookbait, loose feed and stick/bag mixes making them highly attractive to fish.

Ultra Bloodworm Essence Properties:

• Thin, highly water soluble, red coloured liquid flavour
• Rich, strong meat/worm flavour profile
• Pungent, savoury, slightly smoked-worm aroma
• Very soluble flavour disperses well in ultra cold water
• Very effective in savoury boilies and loose feeds
• Highly attractive to Carp, Chub, Catfish, Barbel & other species
• Flavour base: Mono Propylene Glycol
• pH 5.9 – mildly acidic

Usage Tip:

Use at up to 10ml/kg in boilies and loose feed mixes or at up to 10ml/egg when making high-attract hookbaits. Excellent when combined with Liquid Bloodworm Compound or Tuna L030.

Customer Guidance:

This product should be stored cool, dry and out of direct sunlight.

Short Description:
Rich, savoury bloodworm flavour that is extremely effective in both boilie and hookbait mixes. Blends well with most flavour types.