All products in our highly acclaimed Elite Pop Up Range have been developed and perfected to provide specimen carp anglers with hookbaits of the very highest quality.

Made with comprehensively trialled, feed inducing flavour combinations, their intense attractors, leakage properties, physical quality and consistent buoyancy are just some of the reasons why anglers the world over regard our ‘Elite Range’ hookbaits as the very best money can buy.

Dairy Supreme Hookbait Booster Properties:

• Sweet, milky, ice cream flavour profile
• Extremely concentrated, thin, colourless hookbait booster
• Gives hookbaits an intense boost of attraction
• Contains highly effective, proven appetite stimulants
• PVA friendly liquid, quickly soaks in, disperses over a long period
• A pH-balanced formula delivers intense feeding triggers
• Designed to be equally effective at any time of the year