This outstanding natural liquid food is a highly effective appetite stimulant and feed inducer which encourages fish to feed in all water temperatures. If you want to give your boilies, loose feeds and hookbaits that seeming irresistible ‘Pringles effect’ then give them a coating of Feedstim XP before use.

Feedstim XP Properties:

• Rich in highly digestible appetite-stimulating amino acids
• Supplies valuable nutrients in a completely water-soluble form
• Salty, subtle meat-like taste; compliments any bait type
• Very soft aroma does not affect existing bait aroma profiles
• Rapidly and fully dissolves in water – creates an instant response
• Highly attractive to Carp, Barbel & other species
• Excellent in boilie mixes and as a year-round boilie soak
• Dramatically increases the attraction of any bait item
• PVA friendly – superb in bag and stick mixes
• In our opinion this is ‘the ultimate fish feeding stimulant’
• pH 5.3 – acidic