Weper X8 is the latest technologies expression in the braided lines market. The braiding geometry (HD ROUND SHAPE) and the mix of resin polymers (HT POLYMIX) will maximize and exalt the physical and chemical features of this new extraordinary fiber.

The HIGH GRADE PE, the technical evolution of the PE, will transform the fishing action in a unique experience.

The round shape and the new silky coating (SILK TECHNOLOGY) will guarentee longer casts, the high pressure and temperature HTP pre stretching treatment will orientate the fibers molecules increasing the knot strenght of 20% and pushing the DCRATIO diameters/strength ratio at a level never achieved before.


0.09 mm         7 kg

0.125 mm    9.5 kg

0.16 mm     11.4 kg

0.20 mm    13.6 kg

The MICROWAX finishing permeating the braid will protect il from abrasions and will help it to slide on obstacles and snags increasing the braid life.