Any angler who’s ever used our Northern Specials Pop Ups knows just how attractive the NS1 profile is to carp… This liquid bait booster contains the irresistible combination of liquid and powdered appetite stimulants used in our legendary Northern Specials Hookbait Range, and delivers then in a water soluble, concentrated liquid food.

Whether used on boilies, particles, loose feeds, or on hookbaits, in bags or even in paste, Northern Special Booster gives baits a powerful boost of attraction that stimulates an intense feeding response in any conditions.

As we fully expected, field testing has shown us that fish just love this liquid.

Northern Specials Bait Booster Properties:

• Powerful, fruity Northern Special profile that fish can’t resist
• Supplies essential amino acids in a highly soluble liquid food.
• Low in oil; highly effective all year round and in all temperatures.
• Very versatile product, can be used on almost any bait form
• Quickly soaks into baits and loose feeds, loading them with attraction
• Releases a hazy cloud of sweet, fruity attractors in your swim
• A sweet, citrus/fruit taste and aroma that triggers confident feeding
• PVA friendly so ideal for use in PVA bag and stick mixes
• A superb soak or additive for boilies, particles, loose feeds and pellets
• pH 6.5 – mildly acidic