This irresistible natural liquid is a huge favourite with home bait makers and anglers who want to add a sweet boost of nutty attraction to their boilies, hookbaits and loose feeds. Imagine a sweet, liquid version of peanut butter and you have Roasted Nut Compound; a simply outstanding fish-attractant.

Roasted Nut Compound Properties:

• Thick golden-brown liquid packed with tiny nut particles
• Smooth, sweet, creamy, nutty taste and aroma
• Contains several different proven nut ‘bait’ products
• Dense, fine blended nuts create a micro-particle carpet
• Highly soluble attractors form a sweet, white milky cloud
• Superb with Live System or any sweet, nutty, creamy bait.
• Makes a superb boilie soak and loose feed booster
• PVA friendly – superb in bag and stick mixes
• Natural product so cannot be overused
• Suitable and effective for year-round use
• pH 6.9 – neutral