All ‘essences’ in the CC Moore flavour range will dramatically increase the attraction profile of any bait item, delivering a distinctive aroma and powerful feed-stimulating taste to boilie, hookbait, loose feed and stick/bag mixes making them highly attractive to fish.

Ultra Scopex Essence Properties:

• Thin, pale, straw-coloured, liquid flavour
• Buttery, full-fat cream/sweet milk flavour
• Sickly sweet, dairy-type aroma that rounds harsh flavours
• Highly soluble flavour, disperses quickly even in cold water
• Very versatile; great in milk, fish, nut, fruit or seed mixes
• Outstanding boilie, hookbait and pop up flavour
• Excellent particle/nut additive
• Flavour base: Mono Propylene Glycol
• pH 2.7 – strongly acidic