All ‘essences’ in the CC Moore flavour range will dramatically increase the attraction profile of any bait item, delivering a distinctive aroma and powerful feed-stimulating taste to boilie, hookbait, loose feed and stick/bag mixes making them highly attractive to fish.

Ultra Squid & Octopus Essence Properties:

• Thin, golden brown coloured liquid flavour
• Super strong, slightly ‘herby’, peppery-fish aroma
• Lasting, silt-repellent, extremely potent savoury taste
• One of the most successful fish bait flavours ever used
• Very soluble flavour disperses well in all water temperatures
• Superb in any boilie mix, can be combined with any liquid
• A phenomenal single hookbait/pop up flavour
• Flavour base: Essential Oils & Mono Propylene Glycol
• pH 8.2 – Mildly alkali