The Method Feeder Starter Kit holds everything you need to catch your first fish on the method feeder! And even if you have been fishing the method feeder before, this kit will help you get the most out of your fishing trip and increase your chances of success! Grab your starter kit, rod, reel, landing net and unhooking mat and you’re good to go!

This kit holds all the essential components required to set up a method feeder rig, making it perfect for anglers of all levels.

Follow these steps and start catching!

How to set up:

1. Put the line through the eyes of your rod and tie a small loop at the end.

2. Replace the tube in your Hybrid feeder with a X-Safe quick change stem.

3. Slide the rubber over your line and attach the hybrid feeder to it.

4. Attach the hook link to the swivel on the bottom of the feeder. Close the swivel by sliding the bead over the opening.

5. Take a wafter and stick it on the bait bayonet. Or put a wafter in the baitband.

6. Put a small amount of pellets in the hybrid feeder and press gently.

7. Press the hook bait into the feeder.

8. Put an extra layer of pellets on the feeder and cover the hook bait.

9. Cast, and you are ready to catch!